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About Disinfect Group

Why we do what we do:

Following the 2019 / 2020 pandemic, we believe that people will want better protection in the workplace and in everyday life when visiting locations that have large numbers of people gathering. 


By knowing that everyone within a workplace, venue or event has gone through a number of safety measures upon entry, we will all feel more confident and relaxed in our environment. 

We offer several solutions to help ensure safety and to help get the economy moving again, offering the public additional reassurance and increasing a much needed confidence to return to busier venues when the time is right.

Mission Statement:

The Disinfect Group aims to be the global leader of sustainable entrance-way safety solutions. Our ethos is always user-centric in order to provide a quality of product that stands above our competition and a level of customer service both during the purchase process and in our after-sales support that is second-to-none.

Our story:

Founded in Belgium in early 2020, Disinfect sanitisation booths were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood of societies wanting greater safety measures in place in order to return to locations where large numbers of people gather.

The Disinfect Group is made up of more than fifty experienced professionals with an entrepreneurial outlook and currently has offices in the USA, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany and the UK and are in conversation with licensees in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Malta, Greece, Italy and Canada among others.

The Disinfect Group supply to major shopping centres and retailers, airports, sports teams, construction businesses, stadia, venues, government locations and many other sectors.

The units offer tailormade solutions to support businesses and give additional reassurance and safety measures for all those who use them. They offer multiple options – Temperature checking, attendee management, hand sanitisation and patented technology for head-to-toe sanitisation too. They are suitable for wheelchair access and are family friendly. They are also incredibly versatile; they can be placed internally or externally and its modular design means they scaled up or down to suit all footprints .The products they use are all locally approved and certified and in the UK are supplied to the NHS and BUPA.

The Disinfect  group have a team dedicated to research and development and are extending their range further to include OOH media solutions, timesheet entrance and integrated ticketing.

If you would like to know more about The Disinfect Group or becoming a licensee of our products in your territory please get in touch via email

Tom Eatenton

CEO, Disinfect Group & Disinfect UK

Experienced strategist and investor . Tom has a keen focus on customer centric development and extensive experience in building businesses and relationships internationally. Tom oversees the global expansion of the Disinfect Group.

Sarah Jane Benham

Managing Director, Disinfect UK 

Voted the 6th most influential in the events industry by Campaign, Sarah-Jane is an accomplished and multi award winning Managing Director with a track record of business growth and a reputation for delivering a best in class service.

Jeremy Kemp

Consultant, Disinfect UK

Over 20 years’ experience in the Executive Search & Consulting sectors, working across Financial Markets, Life Sciences, Bio Tech & Fintech. In addition to working with Disinfect UK, Jeremy is  working with: PPE suppliers, Antibody Test Kit producers and AR based medical technology solution providers to deliver operational solutions for working in a Covid19 environment.

Steve Mistretta

Consultant, Disinfect UK 

24 years of experience having worked for JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns. Built 3 hedge funds working with family offices with over USD1bln assets under management. Most recently built a Fintech marketplace solution for SMEs and individuals working with high growth investors.