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Roaming Sanitiser Squads

Portable hand sanitation complete with branded backpack and uniform. On hand to roam crowds or queue.


We can provide stations that are manned with trained security and/or greeters to give a warm welcome and advice on the entry procedure to an event or location to ensure compliance.

Mobile Pod Solutions

Automatic non touch wall dispenser for hand sanitiser and temperature checking. Full branding, easy to move and can be placed anywhere at your event or in your venue. The pods can also be on castors for easy movement.

Digital Signage

Digital signage, video content, media and sponsor opportunities available on each panel.

Escalator Handrail Sanitisation

Sustainable handrail belt sanitisation system. Performs it’s duty perfectly on staircases and escalators. Unnoticeable ‘invisible’ design and is the only sustainable system in this field. Wash, disinfects and drys in the same system.

Trolley Cleaning Sanitisation

Did you know that shopping trolleys are among the dirtiest items you will ever be exposed to? Our system will sanitise shopping trolleys in a short period of time, and in bulk to not interfere with the normal distribution to consumers.

Hand Carry Sanitisation

Mobile and easy to use to disinfect all areas you want by loading the DUK disinfectant in a 5 litre tank. It provides superior hygienic environments by spreading the disinfectant with its strong pulverized system to more areas.

UVC Solutions
UVC Solutions

Disinfect offers UVC cabinets for sterilization. We have cabinets ideal for disinfection of smaller items in a retail environment such as glasses, clothing or VR Headsets between demonstrations. UVC lamps take minimum 5 minutes for disinfection of materials, our tunnels will do the job in 20 till 30 seconds.